Giddonah / Gidanah Variant

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Variant spelling of GIDDONAH/GIDANAH

Alma 10:2

  • P: Gidanah
  • 1830-1981: Giddonah
  • Discussion: The 1830 typesetter for some reason changed Gidanah, the spelling in P, to Giddonah. It is highly unlikely that Cowdery would have told the typesetter to change the name based on the later personage (in Alma 30:23), or that the typesetter would have made such a decision, since he only had access to 24 pages or so at a time. It is more reasonable to think that he simply misspelled the name. Gidanah is perfectly acceptable, in line with the Book of Mormon name RABBANAH.

Source: ATV 3:1774; 6:3579.