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Jaredite GN 1. Mountain, perhaps in the Old World (Ether 12:30)


Until possible language affinities for JAREDITE names can be determined, all suggestions for etymologies of JAREDITE names must remain more speculative than substantive. With that caveat, the onomasticon does offer etymologies for some JAREDITE names, especially if it is possible that some JAREDITE names were translated into NEPHITE, or were otherwise related to one or more Semitic languages.

Cf. Qatabanian ESA z.rm, name of a mountain pass (ANET 668b). Arabic s.rm means “to be sharp” and may have reference here to the bedrock or to the shape of the mountain (JAT).

Cf. Old Akkadian root s.rm, which has provided two Sumerian DNs, dzaarmu and dzuurum/ dzarimu (GOA, 245–246) (JAT).

Cf. Old Akkadian PN s.iirrinuum (GOA, 311) (JAT).


Deseret Alphabet: 𐐞𐐀𐐡𐐆𐐤 (ziːrɪn)