Variant Index

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Variant List

Variant Symbol Key

Abinadi Variant

Amaleki Variant

Amalekite(s) Amlicite(s) Variant

Amalickiah / Ameleckiah Variant

Amalickiahites Variant

Amaron Variant

Amlicites / Amlikites Variant

Ammaron / Ammoron Variant

Ammon / Ammen Variant

Ammonihah / Amonihah Variant

Ammonihahites / Amonihahites Variant

Ammonites / Amonites Variant

Ammoron / Amoron Variant

Amoron Variant

Amnor, amnor / omnor Variant

Amoz Variant

Amulek Variant

Angola / Angolah Variant

Ani-Anti / Ani Anti Variant

Anti-Nephi-Lehi Variant

Anti-Nephi-Lehies Variant

Antionum Variant

Antipas / Antipus Variant

Babylon Variant

Bethabara / Bethebara Variant

Boaz Variant