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The Purpose of this list of variants is to provide dependable information on the variant readings among Book of Mormon words of foreign origin. We provide relevant details on each word discussed, in order to make it possible to judge which variants to take seriously. It is not complete, however, since published discussions are limited to the most relevant variants. An excel spreadsheet is planned and may provide the most complete list, covering every occurrence and how it is found in 0 (O – original manuscript), 1 (P – printer’s manuscript), and various editions. The discussion, symbols, and formatting here follow those found in Royal Skousen's publications for the FARMS Book of Mormon Critical Text Project. See the list of abbreviations for information on publications.

Abbreviation Symbol Key:

O = original manuscript

P = printer's manuscript

A = 1830, Palmyra, New York edition

B = 1837 Kirtland, Ohio edition

S1 = Oliver Cowdery

S2 = unknown scribe x

( ), ( ), ( ), etc. = Shows missing parts of the name in the manuscript

x > y = change of x to y

x >+ y = change of x to y with more ink flow

x >- y = change of x to y with less ink flow

x >% y = change of x to y by erasure

x > NULL = deletion of x

x/y = ambiguity: either x or y

>jg = John Gilbert, 1830 typesetter

>js = Joseph Smith, editing for 1837 edition

(2x), (3x), etc. = the number of times a name occurs in a given verse