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[[Variant Abbreviation Key]]
[[Variant Abbreviation Symbols Key]]

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The Purpose of this list of variants is to provide dependable information on the variant readings among Book of Mormon words of foreign origin. We provide relevant details on each word discussed, in order to make it possible to judge which variants to take seriously. It is not complete, however, since published discussions are limited to the most relevant variants. An excel spreadsheet is planned and may provide the most complete list, covering every occurrence and how it is found in 0 (OM – original manuscript), 1 (PM – printer’s mansuscript), and various editions. The discussion, symbols, and formatting here follow those found in Royal Skousen's massive publications for the FARMS Book of Mormon Critical Text Project. See the list of abbreviations for information on publicaions.

Variant Abbreviation Symbols Key

Abinadi Variant

Amaleki Variant

Amalekite(s) Amlicite(s) Variant

Amalickiah / Ameleckiah Variant

Amalickiahites Variant

Amaron Variant

Amlicites / Amlikites Variant

Ammaron / Ammoron Variant

Ammon / Ammen Variant

Ammonihah / Amonihah Variant

Ammonihahites / Amonihahites Variant

Ammonites / Amonites Variant

Ammoron / Amoron Variant

Amoron Variant

Amnor, amnor / omnor Variant

Amoz Variant

Amulek Variant

Angola / Angolah Variant

Ani-Anti / Ani Anti Variant

Anti-Nephi-Lehi Variant

Anti-Nephi-Lehies Variant

Antionum Variant

Antipas / Antipus Variant

Babylon Variant

Bethabara / Bethebara Variant

Boaz Variant

Cezoram Variant

Cherubim / Cherabs / Cherabims Variant

Cohor / Coher Variant

Comnor / Comron Variant

Corianton / Coreanton Variant

Coriantumr / Coriantummer Variant

Cumeni Variant

Cumenihah Variant

cumoms / comoms Variant

cureloms Variant

Cumorah / Camorah / Comorah Variant