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Pearl of Great Price PN 1. SHINEHAH1 “the sun” (BofAbraham 3:13)

As Egyptian, SHINEHAH could certainly be the “sun,” since it apparently incorporates Egyptian šn(w), the name for the solar “circuit,” and for the old “cartouche” – “emblem of sun’s orbit, which symbolizes eternity”[1]; + Egyptian nḥḥ “eternity, forever” (with solar determinative ⊙) > Coptic eneḥ “eternity,” šaeneḥ “forever”; or Egyptian ḥḥ > Coptic ḥaḥ “million, large number,” which may be related. Egyptian nḥḥ is “dynamic eternity,” to be differentiated from dt “static eternity.”[2] Cf. also 1 Nephi 10:19, “the course of the Lord is one eternal round”; Alma 7:20, D&C 35:1, “course is one eternal round.”

Used also as a convenient code-word for Kirtland, Ohio, in 1835 D&C 82:12, 117:8, etc.[3]


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