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Biblical PN 1. Son of ISAIAH (2 Nephi 17:3 = Isaiah 7:3)


SHEARJASHUB is given in the Isaiah section of the Book of Mormon as the name of ISAIAH's son but not as a PN in the Book of Mormon in its own right. The meaning of the name is disputed, but it could be rendered as "a remainder will turn back, will be converted."[1] In the printer's manuscript the name was written as Shear Jashub, but later was hyphenated to Shear-Jashub. However, from its first publication in 1830 until the present, the unhyphenated form SHEARJASHUB has bee given.

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Shear Jashub, Shear-Jashub

Deseret Alphabet: πŸπ€πŠπ‘π–π€πŸπŠπ’ (ΚƒiːʌrdΚ’iΛΚƒΚŒb)


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