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[[Category:Pearl of Great Price Names]]
[[Category:Pearl of Great Price Names]]
*Smith, Robert F.  “Some ‘Neologisms’ from the Mormon Canon,” 1973 Conference on the Language of the Mormons, May 31, 1973, 64-68.  Provo: BYU Language Research Center, 1973, online at https://www.scribd.com/document/363522963/SOME-NEOLOGISMS-FROM-THE-MORMON-CANON .

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Pearl of Great Price PN 1. SHAUMAU “to be high; heavens” (BofAbraham facsimile 1:12 ∥RAUKEEYANG)

Hebrew šammā, šamā (Psalm 68:5 archaic singular Hebrew šammā “height” = Ugaritic tm, UT 68:4), which was taken over as a loan-word into Aramaic as šimme[1] = Akkadian šamû, šamê, šm’, samû (Sumerian AN),[2] Arabic sama’.



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