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Biblical noun 1. Heavenly beings mentioned in ancient ISRAELITE literature (2 Nephi 16:2, 6 = Isaiah 6:2, 6)


SERAPHIM is the name of divine beings mentioned in the ISAIAH section of the Book of Mormon but is not mentioned as a separate PN or GN in the Book of Mormon.[1] Cf. HEBREW SERAPHIM "beings present in the heavenly court of Yahweh; each has a face, hands and can speak."[2]

See also Seraphim / seraphims Variants


Seraphims, seraphims

Deseret Alphabet: 𐐝𐐇𐐡𐐈𐐙𐐆𐐣𐐞 (sɛræfɪmz)


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  2. In the editions of the Book of Mormon to 1920 the word "SERAPHIM" is given as "SERAPHIMS."