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Pearl of Great Price PN 1. SECHEM GN Place of, in the Plains of MOREH Abraham 2:18

KJV GN Sichem, Shechem = Hebrew šĕkem “Shoulder; Back” is also a PN (Genesis 34:1-31, Numbers 26:31, 1 Chronicles 7:19) = Egyptian SЗkЗmЗ “Shechem,” in Pap. Anastasi I, 21, 6[1] ; also Egyptian Skmm, Akkadian mātuŠa-ak-mi = Greek Συχέμ, Σικιμα.

Hebrew mĕqôm šĕkem “Holy-Place of Shechem” (Genesis 12:6; KJV Sichem) -- “Not the city as such but a venerated spot within it or nearby, which owed its local prominence to a certain tree,”[2] the “Oracular-Terebinth,” which see at MOREH, above (Genesis 33:18, 37:12, Joshua 17:7, Judges 8:31; KJV Shechem). Cf. Hebrew māqôm “(holy) place” (1 Chronicles 16:27) = Arabic muqam, maqam “location; place, spot, tomb of dead saint, sacred place.”[3]

Variant: Sichem.


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