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Lehite PN 1. Member of GADIANTON BAND, brother of Chief Judge SEEZORAM; ca. 23 BC both were murdered (Helaman 9:26)


SEANTUM could be composed of two Semitic roots, šʾn, as represented in the Hebrew šĕʾān, “place of rest”[1] and Ugaritic “to be at ease;”[2] and tmm as found in Hebrew tōm and tūm meaning “perfection, in full measure”[3] Therefore, the meaning of SEANTUM could be “place of complete rest” or “rest of perfection.”

Were it not that Ugaritic suʾnu “hem, border” and Akkadian sūnu “hem” unequivocally have a /u/ vowel[4] (which would not explain the ae vowels of SEANTUM), it might be tempting to see a play on words in the text where he is first mentioned as “having blood on the skirts of his cloak” (Helaman 9:26).

Other suggestions include EEGYPTIAN prefix s3, “son” (JAT). Nibley has suggested a cognate of EGYPTIAN-Hittite Sandon, Sandas (LID, 33; ABM, 238).

Cf. Book of Mormon ANTUM, SEEZORAM, CEZORAM, et al., TEANCUM


Deseret Alphabet: 𐐝𐐀𐐈𐐤𐐓𐐊𐐣 (siːæntʌm)


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