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Jaredite PN		King, son of Shez (Ether 1:23; 10:9)

No etymology is suggested.

This name seems to be a combination of two elements, ripla and kish. If this is the case, then it would seem that both elements occur in the Book of Mormon as names, 
Riplah as a GN and Kish as a PN. Riplah and Kish also both appear in the Bible as PNs. In addition, Kish also is the name of the most prominent city of Mesopotamia after 
the Flood. For the etymology see the standard biblical commentaries.

Nibley has suggested that the name may possibly be Babylonian for “Lord of Lakish” (WJ, 261). This is based presumably on reading rb, “great,” i.e, “commander” (see the 
biblical rendering of an Assyrian official’s name, Rab-Shakeh in 2 Kings 18:17ff), and lākīš, “Lachish” in KJV. 

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