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Pearl of Great Price PN 1. RAUKEEYANG “expanse, firmament of the heavens” = SHAUMAU “to be high, heavens” = Hebrew SHAUMAHYEEM (BofAbraham facsimile 1:12, 2:4) ∥”1,000" (in Egyptian usage) ∥Oliblish-, Kolob-time.

KJV “firmament” = Hebrew rāqîyaˁ (Genesis 1:6 = raukeeyang in Seixas-style Sephardic transliteration), the dome-like firmament, or sky, "raised up" by Khnum.[1]

However, Horus is the “Sky”-god par excellence; Coffin Text 162 (II, 403-404), speaks of a "ship of 1000 cubits from end to end," along with the wiЗ n ḥḥ "boat of millions of years (solar boat)," mentioned in parallel with the ḥnw-boat of Sokar[2] (Hebrew has no word for "million"); cf. “ship of a thousand” used by Osiris, described on the Sarcophagus of Princess Anchenneferibre. During the Festival of Sokar, his boat was drawn on a sledge in procession around his local sanctuaries, symbolic of the orbit of the sun.[3]



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