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Pearl of Great Price PN 1. ONITAH PN of royal pedigree, from Ham; father of three virgins (Abraham 1:11)

Possibly hypothetical Egyptian *ʼIwn(w)-tЗ “Heliopolis-land,” since Hebrew transliterates both words as ʼōn (Genesis 41:45,50, 46:20; Coptic ōne[1] ) and ta (as in Taḥpěnēs, Jeremiah 2:16 = Egyptian GN TЗ-ḥt-pЗ-nḥsy).

There is also Egyptian wnt3, as part of a canal name near the first cataract, and wnt as a district name in the Book of the Dead.[2]

Val Sederholm suggests Middle Egyptian PN ˁndi “Sound, Hale.”[3]

Variant: On-i-tas ??


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