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Lehite GN		City, ca. 30 AD (3 Nephi 9:7)

As in the previous name, biblical ʾōn, “strength, wealth,” from which several biblical GNs and PNs are formed, may comprise the first element. If the Book of Mormon suffix 
-ihah is really the divine name, then the possibliity ʾōn-yhh, “(my) strength is Yah” (RFS) is the only serious suggestion which can be entertained here (JAT).

Other possibilities include the root ʾnḥ, “to sigh, groan,” in the Qal f.s. participle, though this is an odd placename, unless some story goes with it (JH). Hebrew ʾonīyāh, “ship,” 
is unlikely as the name of a city (JH). Also unlikely is the Hebrew root ʿnh (*ʿny), “to be poor” and in the noun form ʿonî “poverty” (JH), because the verbal noun, found in several 
biblical passages, is actually *ʿanāwāh (JAT).

Perhaps Egyptian *iwn-iḥ3, “pillar of battle” (iḥ3 being a variant of ʿḥ3) is possible (RFS).

Cf. Book of Mormon Onidah, Orihah, Ahah, Moronihah, Nephihah, Ammonihah