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Jaredite GN & PN 1. Old World valley named after Nimrod, the hunter (Ether 2:1, 4)
2. Prince (Ether 7:22)

For the etymology see the standard biblical commentaries. [1] The name is also equated in the Bible with the land of Assyria (Micah 5:6).

Some would like to see possibly a variant of Nimrah and thus connect this name with leonid names (BU, NPSEHA 150.0 [Aug. 1982]), citing Dahood (in Pettinato Archives, p. 277), that on the pattern of Ugaritic ibrd, “the bull of Hadd,” Nimrod should be nmrd, “the panther of Hadd” (JAT, BU).


  1. For an LDS discussion of the biblical Nimrod (including etymologies of the name), see Bruce W. Warren and John A. Tvedtnes, “In Search of Historic Nimrod,” NPSEHA, No. 155(Nov. 1983), and Warren's earlier article, “Nimrod and his Times,” UAS Newsletter, No. 16 (Dec. 1953).