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'''Deseret Alphabet:'''
'''[[Deseret Alphabet]]:''' 𐐤𐐆𐐣𐐡𐐉𐐔


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Jaredite PN 1. JAREDITE valley name (Ether 2:1, 4)
Jaredite GN 2. JAREDITE ruler (Ether 7:22 (x2))


NIMROD is a JAREDITE GN and PN that may be Semitic in origin: cf. Hebrew marad "to rebel"; Arabic marada "to be bold and audacious in acts of rebellion and disobedience"; Geez marada "to run strenuously; to attack."


Deseret Alphabet: 𐐤𐐆𐐣𐐡𐐉𐐔