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Jaredite GN 1. City and land (Ether 7:4, 9)
Lehite PN 2. Apostate, executed ca. 91 B.C. (Alma 1:15; 2:20; 6:7; 14:16, 18; 15:15; 16:11; 24:29)
3. Apostate group named from No. 2, termed “order of NEHOR”, “order and faith of NEHOR” , or “profession of NEHOR


Until a possible language origin for JAREDITE can be determined, all suggestions for etymologies of JAREDITE names must remain more speculative than substantive.

No etymology is suggested for the JAREDITE GN. Note that NEHOR and KORIHOR, two of the three apostate preachers of the Book of Mormon (the third being SHEREM), bear names that probably are JAREDITE in origin, which may say something about those involved in apostate movements.

If the Lehite PN NEHOR is not dependent on the JAREDITE GN, then perhaps biblical names can be appealed to for the Lehite PN. Biblical Nahor, nāḥōr, the grandfather of ABRAHAM and Rebecca, and ABRAHAM's brother, immediately comes to mind. Unfortunately, it does not have a secure etymology in HEBREW.[1] There is also a city in the Balikh valley of Old Babylonian SYRIA called naḫur (na-ḫu-urki).[2] Also note the Palmyrene PN nḥwr (JH).

Less likely is the suggestion to derive the name from HEBREW nāhār, “river.”[3] Even less likely is EGYPTIAN n-ḥr, “belonging to Horus” (JAT).



Deseret Alphabet: 𐐤𐐀𐐐𐐃𐐡 (niːhɔːr)


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