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LDS GN 1. Nauvoo House
2. Nauvoo, Illinois. Revelations received D&C 124-29, 132. Command to build a temple D&C 125:3

“How beautiful” (Isaiah 52:7, Mosiah 15:15-18) is the translation of biblical Hebrew ma-nāvû which was the name of the city of Nauvoo,[1] Illinois, though the transliteration in that case is Sephardic (which was used by Joseph and his brethren in the School of the Prophets at Kirtland, Ohio), and which can ultimately be compared to Akkadian nawû “flock, pastureland”[2] = Sumerian Á-DAM, á-dam “country, pasture” (cf. Adam-Ondi-Ahman D&C 117:8,11).


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