Morianton / Morionton Variants

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Variant Spellings of MORIANTON

- Alma 50:25, 26a, 28a, 29, 33, 35b, 35c, 36 (2x); 51:26, 29

O: Morionton

PA: Morianton

- Alma 50:28b

O: ( )rionton

- Alma 50:35a

O: Mononton >Morionton

- Alma 55:33b; 59:5

P: Morionton

Discussion: Every extant occurrence of this name in O is spelled Morionton. Cowdery changed Morionton to Morianton in P for all but two times, in Alma 55:33b and 59:5. The instances in the Book of Ether are not extant in O, but since it is a different personage and there is no textual evidence from O, his name was probably Morianton.

Summary: Skousen accepts Morionton for personage in Alma, and Morianton for personage in Ether.

Other occurrences not discussed in ATV: Alma 50:26b, 30, 32; 51:1; 33a; Ether 1:22, 23; 10:9, 12, 13

Source: ATV 3:1371, 4:2624-25, 6:3579; OM 409 passim