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Cf. Book of Mormon [[MORON]], [[MORONI]]. 
Cf. Book of Mormon [[MORON]], [[MORONI]]. 

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Lehite PN & GN 1. Prophet/general, son of Moroni No. 1, ca. 60 BC (Alma 62:43; Helaman 4:19)
2. City, ca. 30 AD, perhaps named from No.1 (3 Nephi 8:10, 25; 9:5)
3. General, 4th c. AD (Mormon 6:14)

For derivations see Moron and Moroni and the discussion in the “Introduction” under “-hah.”

Less likely is a derivation from Aramaic marōnīyah, “Jehovah is (my) lord” (JH; similar is Reynolds, Commentary on the Book of Mormon, IV, p. 238). Though Aramaic was certainly known by educated people in Jerusalem at least a century before Lehi left (2 Kings 18:26, where Syrian = Aramaic), this reading would require Aramaic marōn, “lord,” to be preserved by the Lehites in the new world for over 400 years and to use a form of the tetragrammaton, yhh, not attested until the Elephantine documents of the Persian Period (Porter, Archives, p. 235; Legacy of Egypt, 2nd ed., p. 261, n. 1) (RFS).

Cf. Book of Mormon MORON, MORONI