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Jaredite GN 1. Old world place on seashore (Ether 2:13). This name is also a PN according to a statement by Joseph Smith. See George Reynolds, Era 8, 705 and Alma P. Burton, Discourses of Joseph Smith (1956), p. 18.


Until possible language affinities for JAREDITE names can be determined, all suggestions for etymologies of JAREDITE names must remain more speculative than substantive. With that caveat, the onomasticon does offer etymologies for some JAREDITE names, especially if it is possible that some JAREDITE names were translated into NEPHITE, or were otherwise related to one or more Semitic languages.

East Aramaic mrʾn, “our land” (RFS). Akkadian *mu-iru, “leader” (RFS). Akkadian kumru, “priest, eunuch-priest” = biblical HEBREW kōmer (RFS). Common Semitic rām, “exalted.”

Even less likely is Reynolds, Commentary on the Book of Mormon, VI, p. 69, Aramaic, mara, “lord” or “master,” or HEBREW mōreh, “teacher.” cume, “to stand up,” and r, “being, making,” ignoring of the n, r is not Semitic and thus would not be used within a Semitic sentence name. In addition, cume is an unrecognizable form; the root is qūm, and does mean *“to stand up.” but an infinitive does not fit. The perfect qām, the imperfect *yaqōm, and the participle qōm and the imperitive *qūm do not provide the solution unless the -er can be explained.

This name is not found in the Book of Mormon but is mentioned as the name of the “brother of JARED” in George Reynolds, Era 8, 705 and Alma P. Burton, Discourses of Joseph Smith (1956), p. 18. The full name is MAHONRI MORIANCUMER. For the latter as a GN in the Book of Mormon see the same.


See also Moriancumer / Morian-cumer Variants


Morian cumer

Deseret Alphabet: 𐐣𐐄𐐡𐐆𐐈𐐤𐐗𐐆𐐅𐐣𐐇𐐡 (moʊrɪænkɪuːmɛr)