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Biblical GenN 1. Ancient Near Eastern people mentioned in the ISAIAH section of 2 Nephi (2 Nephi 20:26 = Isaiah 10:26)
Lehite GN 2. NEPHITE land (Alma 24:5)


MIDIAN in 2 Nephi 20:26 appears as "Mideon" in the printer's manuscript but then is corrected to MIDIAN in the 1830 and all subsequent printed editions. In Alma 24:5 the name appears as "Medeon" in the original manuscript; in the printer's manuscript it appears as "Midion" but then is corrected to MIDIAN in the 1830 and subsequent printed editions. Royal Skousen observes that this may be a scribal error by Oliver Cowdery for MIDDONI, a GN that occurs regularly in the book of Alma.[1]

See also Midian / Mideon Variants


Mideon, Medeon, Midion

Deseret Alphabet: ๐ฃ๐†๐”๐†๐Š๐ค (mษชdษชสŒn)


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