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Variants Mahmachah, Mah-mach-rah
Variants: Mahmachrah, Mah-mach-rah.

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Pearl of Great Price PN 1. MAHMACKRAH idolatrous god of (BofAbraham facsimiles 1:4,7, 2:6)

Egyptian baboon-headed Ḥpy of the north. In this case, apparently incorporating Egyptian mḥt- “north” (Coptic mḥit), the direction attached to the baboon-headed canopic jar.

South Human ʼImśti KORASH
North Baboon Ḥpy MAHMACKRAH
West Jackal Qbḥ-śnw.f LIBNAH
East Falcon DwЗ-mwt.f ELKENAH

Variants: Mahmachrah, Mah-mach-rah.