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Lehite PN Soldier and spy, ca. 87 BC (Alma 2:22)

Perhaps this is an infinitive of mhr, “hasten,” with preposition l (RFS). Though some think this unlikely as a name (JAT), confer the biblical PN Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz in Isaiah 8:1 & 3, which contains the same root in the first part of the name. Also possible is a reading of the name as two elements, lim and her, though an etymology is not readily apparent. See Limhah for a discussion of the element lim.

Perhaps Egyptian rʿ-m-ḥr is worth investigation (Nibley via Urrutia).

Cf. Book of Mormon LIMHAH, LIMHI, and perhaps LIMNAH, CORIHOR and COHOR.