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Lehite PN 1. King of land of Ishmael, 1st c. BC (Alma 17:21; 24:5)

This name is not immediately suggestive of an etymology. Perhaps something like the root suggested for LAMAN, but with 1c.s. pronominal suffix or a gentilic ending. However, neither ending would cause the vowel to change from a to o.

Reynolds & Sjodahl first connected Lamoni to LAMAN, though without explaining how the two were related (R&S, 26). The connection was made again, but this time the gentilic ī ending was suggested (JAT & RFS), similar to the gentilic “Israelite.”

Much less likely is an archaic form of the Hebrew for “to me,” “for me,” “mine.” This would also be unlikely as a name (JH).