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Lehite PN 1. General, 4th c. AD (Mormon 6:14)

The need for the *critical text here is clear, because the RLDS edition has Lama.

This Book of Mormon PN could easily be derived from the biblical PN Lamech (JH, JAT). Unlikely is a PN from the Hebrew interrogative lmh, “why.” Also possible would be an etymology based on the root lmh (<*lmy). E.g., Nibley notes the ESA PN lmy, but also notes that this name may be actually lmn, Laman (ABM, 239). Most Hebrew final “heh” roots are actually final “yod,” as demonstrated by both comparative Semitics, but also evident when in the qal perfect 2. and 1. the “yod” reappears.

Most unlikely (JAT) is a derivation from Akkadian lamassu, “tutelary god” (RFS).