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Lehite PN		1. Prophet/Judge, ca. 6 BC (3 Nephi 1:1; 6:19)
			2. Judge, son of No. 1, ca. 30 AD (3 Nephi 6:19)

It is possible that the name is Greek and means “a Laconian” (ABM, 238–9; LID, 34). Nibley, ibid, has pointed out that the Laconians were the “oldest Greek traders,” having 
colonies in Cyprus and trade relations in Palestine. Certainly, by the time Lehi left Jerusalem the Greeks had been in contact with the Levant for over two centuries* 
(Helleno-semitica). However, a Semitic or Egyptian root, perhaps lḥn, or ḥnʿ would be better.

Notice the name of the “ruler of Ekron,” a Philistine city, “Ikausu (ʿkyš), which is related to the Greek “Axaios,’ meaning ‘Achaean’ or ‘Greek.’” Tristan Barako, “One: by Sea,” 
Biblical Archaeology Review, vol. 29, o. 2 (March/April 2003): 31.