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Pearl of Great Price PN 1. KLI-FLOS-IS-ES medium through which this Earth receives its power (Book of Abraham facsimile 2:5); cf. parallel with HAH-KO-KAU-BEAM receiving light from the revolutions of Kolob (facsimile 2:22-23)

Possibly hypothetical Egyptian *qri-prw.s-Зst “Isis-draws-near-and-comes-forth[1]; It-is-as-a-storm-cloud-that-Isis-comes-forth” (Coptic kloole[2]). Of course, Seth is nb qri “Lord of storms.”[3]

Variant: Kli-flos-isis



  1. Egyptian qri > Coptic kol, kōl, kel-, tōl “come, go, roll, wrap, rotate,” in cyclic fashion (Crum, Coptic Dictionary, 807; Westendorf, KHw, 450; Faulkner, CDME, 280).
  2. Faulkner, CDME, 280; Crum, Coptic Dictionary, 104a; Westendorf, KHw, 61.
  3. Cf. H. te Velde, Seth, God of Confusion, 20, on Seth-animals drawing the solar bark.