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Pearl of Great Price PN 1. KAE-E-VANRASH medium for borrowing light; the “grand key” or “governing power” over 15 fixed planets or stars (Book of Abraham facsimile 2:5)

Possibly hypothetical Hebrew כאבן-ראש* *Ke-ʼeban-raš ➔ *Ke-ʼeben-roʼš, “The-very-capstone, corner-stone; the-capstone, corner-stone, keystone” (cf. NAB Mark 12:10 = Psalm 118:22 ∥Acts 4:11; Zechariah 4:7), with emphatic prefix, kaph veritatis.[1] Proto-Hebrew raʼš (“origin, source; best; first; head, top”) is the earlier form, while Hebrew ראש roʼš is post-Amarna[2]; cognate with Egyptian rś(y)[3] ( ➔ Coptic rēs); Arabic ra’s; Syriac reša; Akkadian ra-si-im, ra’šim).

Or possibly hypothetical Egyptian *QЗ(i)-pn-rś(y) “Exalted-is-he-of-the-south.”[4]


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