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Lehite GN 1. Lehite city (Alma 56:9, 15, 18, 57; 57:11)


JUDEA is the name of a Lehite city, mentioned five times in the Book of Mormon (in ALMA), which may be compared with the GN JUDEA that occurs in Ezra 5:8. The GNs JUDEA and JUDAH both occur in the Book of Mormon, JUDAH as a land in the Old World and JUDEA as a city in the New. (Aramaic yehud; Septuagint ioudaía)

See also Judea / Judeah Variant



Deseret Alphabet: 𐐖𐐆𐐅𐐔𐐀𐐂 (dʒɪuːdiːɑː)