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Lehite GN City and land, ca. ___AD (Mormon 2:16–17)

The vowel pattern is the same as that for Jarom (q.v.), i.e., qal 3m.s. jussive, except that there is no known root šv̄n to correspond with the rām of Jarom (JH). The most likely derivation then would come from *yšn, “to be old,” or “to sleep.” The vowel pattern ao is acceptable in an adjective, though not attested for this root. Cf. the biblical Hebrew PN Jashen (2 Samuel 23:32), from the root “to sleep,” hence perhaps “sleepy.” This is not a likely placename (JH). However, the biblical GN Jeshnah (2 Chronicles 13:19), possibly comes from “to sleep.” In Ecclesiastes 5:11 note also the construct form yešōn, “sleep,” suggesting the absolute form yašōn (RFS).

Perhaps Jashon is an abstract noun from the root yšh, of uncertain meaning, represented in biblical Hebrew by the noun tûšîyah, “success, wisdom” (RFS).

Cf. Book of Mormon JACOM