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Lehite PN		Scribe, son of Enos 4th – 5th c. BC (Jarom 1:1; Omni 1:1)

From the Hebrew rām, “to rise, be exalted,” in the qal 3m.s. jussive, Jarom would mean “let [DN] be exalted” (JH).70 See also the Ugaritic PNs yrmʾl (“god is exalted,” or 
“let god be exalted”), yrmbʿl (“let Baal be exalted”), and the biblical PN Joram, “Jehovah has exalted” (JAT).

Cf. Book of Mormon Ramah, Cumorah, Jeremiah, Jacom, and Nahom.

70 Notice that if this etymology is correct, the Canaanite shift of long, accented “a” becoming long “o” holds true for Nephite. Notice the same name in Ebla, dya-ra-mu 
(Pettinato, *), where the Canaanite shift has not take place.