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Pearl of Great Price PN 1. JAH-OH-EH “this Earth” (Book of Abraham facsimile 2:1); Jah oh-eh “O the Earth” (J. Smith, Times & Seasons, IV:373, Nov 13, 1843; J. Smith letter to James A. Bennett, Nov 13, 1843, LDS Archives MS d 155, Box 2, folder 6, sheet 2, page 4)

Possibly hypothetical Egyptian *i Зḥt “Oh Earth!” (cf. Coptic eiōhe “Earth”[1]); note Egyptian vocative i “Oh!” in facsimile 2:11 (cognate with Ugaritic y [I], Arabic ya).

Appears outwardly similar to Hebrew יהוה YHWH, "Yahweh, Jehovah; Adonai," the Tetragram, but it is not related.

Variant: Jah oh-eh.


  1. Discussed by M. Rhodes, JSH-TYL, 8 and nn. 49-50, citing Černý, Coptic Etymological Dictionary, 50, and Crum, Coptic Dictionary, 89; cf. Gardiner, Egyptian Grammar, 3rd ed., §87.