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Lehite gentilic 1. Descendants of ISHMAEL brought with LEHI from JERUSALEM (Jacob 1:13; Alma 47:35; 4 Nephi 1:38; Mormon 1:8, 9)


ISHMAELITE is the gentilic of the PN ISHMAEL. In the Semitic languages, the gentilic ending is –ī, which is rendered into English as –ite. This gentilic occurs only in the plural in the Book of Mormon. There are two forms of the plural in the King James Bible, Ishmaelites, from the Hebrew yišmĕʿēʾlîm, and sons of Ishmael, bĕnê yišmāʿēʾl, from the Hebrew. Either form could have been on a Hebrew vorlage.

For the etymology of this name see ISHMAEL above.


Deseret Alphabet: 𐐆𐐟𐐣𐐈𐐇𐐢𐐌𐐓𐐝 (ɪʃmæɛlaɪts)