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Pearl of Great Price PN 1. HENI GN land of (BofMoses 7:9).Moses 7:9

Cf. KJV PN Hen = Hebrew ḥēn “Favor, Grace”[1] (Zechariah 6:14), perhaps in a gentilic form meaning “Generous.”[2] The same phenomenon does take place for ḥônî, the hypocoristic form of the Hebrew name yôḥānān “John, Yahweh is gracious” (1 Chronicles 12:2,4, Matthew 3:1).[3]

Val Sederholm suggests Egyptian hni “tent-people,”[4] from hnt “hide, skin”; cognate with Hebrew ḥnh חנה “pitch tent; encamp” (Exodus 14:9, 18:5, 33:7, Psalm 34:8).


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