Ezrum/Ezrom Variant

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Variant spelling of EZROM

Alma 11:6

  • P: ezrum
  • 1830-1981: ezrom

Alma 11:12

  • P: ezrum
  • 1830-1981: ezrom
  • Discussion: Spelled ezrum in P; O is not extant for these two occurrences. ZEEZROM is misspelled as Zeezrum six times in Alma 11, all after Alma 11:12, which suggests that this misspelling was influenced by ezrum. Ezrum likewise was probably set by the 1830 typesetter as ezrom because of the first occurrence of ZEEZROM, in Alma 10:31. Cf. G. Thomasson on metonymy of Zeezrum & ezrum.

Source: ATV 3:1806-7; 6:3637.