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Pearl of Great Price PN 1. ENISH-GO-ON-DOSH[1] a governing planet; “the Sun” (Book of Abraham facsimile 2:5); “the power of attraction [it has with the earth]” (J. Smith letter to James A. Bennett, Nov 13, 1843, LDS Archives MS d 155, Box 2, folder 6, sheet 2, page 4)[2]

Possibly hypothetical Egyptian *wnš-ˁЗ-ʼIwnw-tЗš “The-great-sledge-of-the-boundary-of-On” (Sahidic Coptic tōš, toš “boundary, nome”; used in place-name ntoš[3] = Egyptian Arabic ṭwš, ṭāš)[4]; possibly referring to ritual circuit of temple in imitation of circuit of sun[5]; or *wnš kЗ int tЗ.s “Sledge-of-the-vital-force-of-the-vale-of-Earth” -- ʼIwnw and int were actually homonymous and could reflect Coptic on and one.[6]

Val Sederholm suggests comparison with Egyptian Dosh as Mars, and Hor-dosh-dawy, a name for Jupiter. Sederholm also notes the “pilgrimage cycle described in the Egyptian text Leiden T32."[7]


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