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Pearl of Great Price PN 1. ELKENAH, god of (Book of Abraham facsimile 1:3-4, and BofA 1:6, 2:13)

From Hebrew PN ʼEl-qanah (1 Samuel 1:1,4), and Hebrew DN ʼEl-qoneh “El, Creator of the Earth,” hypocoristicon for ’El ˁElyon qone šamayim wa’areṣ “God Most High, Creator of Heaven & Earth” (Genesis 14:19, 22, Acts 4:24; cf. with Yahweh Exodus 20:11, 2 Chronicles 2:11-12, Isaiah 42:5)[1] = Aramaic ʼl qn(ˁ)rˁ(ˁ), Aramaic & Neo-Punic ʼl qn ʼrṣ = 1200 B.C. Hittite El-qônê-erṣi (El-ku-ni-ir-ša), late Hittite Elkoners.[2] The Egyptian equivalent would have been qmЗ wnnt “creator of that which is.”[3] Name of one of the four canopic gods (Egyptian jackal-headed Qbḥ-śnw.f of the east).[4]

MSS variants Elkkener, Elkkinir, Elkkiner, Elk-kunah, Elk-ku-nah.


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