Cumorah / Camorah / Comorah Variant

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Variant spelling of CUMORAH

-Mormon 6:2a

P: S2 Camorah > S1 Cumorah

A: Camorah

Discussion: Scribe 2 wrote Camorah, Scribe 1 corrected it to Cumorah in P; Camorah in A. Scribe 2 and the 1830 typesetter probably misread the u as an i in Cumorah. As in other errors with names, vowels were often misread. Since Cowdery corrected the first instance to Cumorah, he must have known that to be the correct spelling. There is also an excerpt from one of Cowdery's letters in which he says Camorah is an error.

-Mormon 6:2b, 4a, 4b, 6a, 6b; 8:2

P: Cumorah

A: Camorah

Discussion: The 1830 edition consistently has Camorah, but the 1837edition has the standard Cumorah. There are also a number of other Nephite names with the sequence cum, but none with cam.

-Mormon 6:5,11

P: Comorah (S2)

A: Camorah

Source: ATV 6:3636-38, 3800, citing Messenger and Advocate 1/10 (July 1835), O. Cowdery letter.