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Jaredite PN 1. Prince, father of ETHER (Ether 1:6, 7; 11:18, 19, 20, 23)


We might have here “Heavenly-Mountain-Child, East-Wind of Heaven Child,” combining Sumerian KUR, kir5 " land, country; mountain(s); underworld; east; easterner; east wind" (= Akkadian erṣetu; mātu; šadû), Sumerian an “heaven” (an "sky, heaven; upper; crown [of a tree]" = Akkadian šamû), and Sumerian tur "(young) child" (= Akkadian šerru).[1]

As an alternative ending, note also Sumerian en tur “Young Lord, Young Priest,” and en tur kar2 (ŠE3), as “Young Lord Weapon”?[2] Either as Sumerian en, u3-mu-un, umun "lord; master; ruler" *(= Akkadian bēlu ), or Sumerian en "a priest" (= Akkadian entu; enu).

It seems quite unlikely, though remotely possible, that we have here an ending in Sumerian AN.TUR (a modern scholarly convention for naming the signs), diĝir-dumu "divine son."[3]

Or with Akkadian kūru B (Sumerian kir), kiru (= Sumerian dinig, dinig3) “kiln (for lime, bitumen)” = Hebrew kûr “smelting furnace.”[4]

Or much less likely a HEBREW nominal sentence personal name with medial pronominal suffix.[5]



Deseret Alphabet: 𐐗𐐄𐐡𐐆𐐈𐐤𐐓𐐊𐐡 (koʊrɪæntʌr)


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