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Biblical gentilic 1. Group identified by ISAIAH (1 Nephi 20:14, 20 = Isaiah 48:14, 20)


CHALDEANS (Hebrew kaśdîm)[1] is a name only attested in an ISAIAH passage of the Book of Mormon and is the plural gentilic of Chaldea (or Chaldaea). The GNs Chaldea and Chaldaea are not attested anywhere in the Book of Mormon, but the other King James rendering of Hebrew kaśdîm, CHALDEES, is attested in 2 Nephi 23:19, another Isaiah passage.



Deseret Alphabet:


  1. The correct pronunciation in English is Kăl-dēʹ-ǝn. The Hebrew kaśdîm does not reflect directly the neo-Assyrian/Babylonian spelling kaldū. In this time period (Iron Age and earlier) Assyrian/Babylonian –šd- had shifted to -ld-. The Hebrew text may have managed to preserve the older pronunciation, or it may have invented a pseudo archaism. The Book of Mormon form no doubt reflects the King James Bible rendering and not necessarily what might have been on the plates.