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Lehite GN 1. A NEPHITE city mentioned once in the Book of Mormon (Mormon 4:20)


BOAZ in the Book of Mormon is a GN of a city mentioned in Mormon 4:20. In the Bible it is both a PN and the name of one of the pillars in Solomon’s temple. Cf. the Hebrew PN bô‘āz. The GN BOAZ may be from a Semitic root meaning “quickness” (cf. Arab. baġz, “swiftness, quickness”), or may have the meaning “with strength.”[1] In the 1830 edition of the Book of Mormon the name appears as Beaz,[2] which may plausibly mean “with strength, power,” that is, be-‘āz, except that the normal Hebrew word for strength is ‘ôz.

See also Boaz Variant



Deseret Alphabet: 𐐒𐐄𐐈𐐞 (boʊæz)


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