Amlicites / Amlikites Variant

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Variant spelling of AMLICITES


Alma 2:11
Pms: Amlikites
1830-1981: Amlicites
Alma 2:12
Pms: Amlikites
1830-1981: Amlicites

Discussion: Probably also Amlikites in Oms, "which would suggest that Joseph Smith pronounced Amlicites (as well as its base morpheme, the name AMLICI) with a /k/ sound rather than with the /s/ sound proposed in the Pronouncing Guide at the back of the 1981 [LDS] edition" (ATV 3:1605). This seems to be supported by other BofM names like AMALEKI, AMULEK, etc.

Acceptability: Scribal error; Amlicites correct form, but pronounced as Amlikites.

Source: ATV 3:1605-9.

General Summary: Skousen thinks it should be merged with Amalekites to be spelled Amlicites in all instances.