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Lehite GN Mountain on Lamanite border, ca. 72 BC (Alma 47:7, 9–10)

It is possible that this GN is related to the Greek PN recorded in Revelation 2:13, Antipas, a common hypocoristic form for *anti'patros, like (his) father” (cf. *anti'pais, like a child; a mere boy”), an extremely common Greek name or epithet. Note the Greek cityname antipatri's, “belonging to Antipater,” a city built by Herod the Great in memory of his father (Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews 16:142ff.).

It is also possible that the GN is composed of two elements, anti- and -pas. For the first element see the discussion under Anti-Nephi-Lehi. For -pas, cf. Nabatean ps, “part, portion,” Punic ps, “tablet,” or Nabatean ps͂s͂, “to be divided, to be violated, to be separated” (DNWSI 921 & 931).

Cf. Book of Mormon Ani-Anti, Antiomno, Antion, Antionah, Antionum, Antiparah, Antipus, Antum, Anti-Nephi-Lehi, Corianton, Coriantor, Coriantum, Coriantumr, Gadiandi, Gadianton, Irreantum, Lehonti, Morianton, Moriantum, Onti, Seantum.