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Nephite PN		A ruler in Ammonihah, ca. 82 BC (Alma 12:20)

If Antionah is to be divided anti- and -onah, then perhaps the first element is identical to anti in Anti-Nephi-Lehi. See the same for a discussion of the etymology. 
Onah may possibly be explained as ʿwnh, a type of priestly functionary (DNWSI 833). *ʿnh, “humility” is also possible. 
Unlikely is a derivation from *ʾwn, “sarcophagus” (DNWSI 22). Unlikely also is ʾnyh, “ship, boat.”

The second element cannot be derived from common Semitic ʿyn, “eye; spring,” because the phonemic middle radical is a long i vowel. 

Cf. Book of Mormon Onti, Ani-Anti, Antiomno, Antion, Antionum, Antiparah, Antipas, Antipus, Antum, Anti-Nephi-Lehi