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|Lamanite title/PN & gentilic
|King whose father had converted, also brother of Lamoni, ca. 83 BC (Alma 24:3, 5)
|“People of AntiNephiLehi”, subjects of No. 1, also called AntiNephiLehies (q.v.) (Alma 24:1; 43:11)
When analyzing this composite name, the first question that should be asked is whether the first element, anti, is a translation or whether it is a transliteration of a Nephite word.
If anti is a translation, the meaning could be “facing Nephi-Lehi,” from the Hebrew word that means approximately “anti,” (neged), i.e., “facing, opposite, etc.” (HWN). It is the Hebrew Vorlage in Genesis 2:18 of “help meet.” (The Greek Vorlage of English “anti” can mean “opposite, against, in exchange, instead, representing, rivaling, simulating.” See OED.) Perhaps from such considerations, it has been suggested that the significance of Anti-Nephi-Lehi is “those who imitate the teachings of the descendants of Nephi and Lehi” (Ludlow, A Companion to Your Study of the Book of Mormon, 210).
It has also been suggested, *without attestation, that “Anta-Anti,” is an old Indian word, “a mountain region in the land of Nephi in the land of Lehi” (CBM, III, 366).
Cf. Book of Mormon Onti, Ani-Anti, Antiomno, Antion, Antionah, Antionum, Antiparah, Antipas, Antipus, Antum, Nephi, Lehi
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