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Lehite PN		Prophet, ancestor of Amulek, hence between ca. 6th–2nd c. BC (Alma 10:2–3)

Aminadi is to be compared with Abinadi, with the substitution of ʿm “people” or “kinsman” for ʾb “father.” The name would translate “My people is praised.” See the 
discussion under Abinadi.

Less likely is the suggestion that the name means “people/clan of my wandering” (JAT), or “my paternal uncle is a nomad/nomadic,” “my paternal uncle is a preacher” 
(RFS) or “my (divine) kinsman is present” or “my (divine) kinsman is/was given” (JH).

Some have suggested that this name contains the Egyptian element imn, the god Amon (HWN in LID 31, ABM 235).

Cf. Book of Mormon Aminadab, Ammah, Abinadi