Yoel Elitzur

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  • Ancient Place Names in the Holy Land: Preservation and History. Jerusalem: Magnes Press, Hebrew Univ./Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns, 2004; from his 1993 doctoral dissertation; reviewed by Robert Holmstedt in JNES, 67/4 (Oct 2008):307-308. Corpus of 177 of the most reliable toponyms, and the application of objective criteria for linguistic rules tying them to the ancient Holy Land; close analysis of 60 of those toponyms via philology and historical geography, making a major contribution to pre-Tiberian Hebrew grammar. He claims, for example, that this study negates the double pronunciation of the begadkefat consonants preceding the Masoretes, so that b, d, k, and t represent plosives, and the g and p are fricatives.